Big Data using Market Leader Brand Suppliers

We nostalgically recall our frequent travels to attend tradeshows and connect with new suppliers or potential clients. It was during those days that we sought out new business opportunities.

Today using trade data we can identify new suppliers purely on a business’s trade transactions. Coupled with a few validation points we can be pretty sure the supplier for that particular item

  1. The Manufacturer
  2. Is an expert in making and selling that particular device

What is Big Data and Why?

Big data is a term used to describe large amounts of data that can be analyzed to find patterns and trends. It’s used by businesses to help them make better decisions and give them a better understanding of their customers and competition.

Our Approach

Using SEMRush we identify the top search brands on Google for essential oils. They are

  1. doTerra
  2. Young Living
  3. Plant Therapy
  4. Revive (We excluded due to concerns on Specifications)

With the above, we identify their importation company and target a product we are looking for in this example we are looking for diffusers as an example.

The following assumptions are made, the identified companies pride themselves on quality therefore they have done supplier prechecks on quality then cost.

Customers are familiar to the quality offered to them.

Looking at this data set we can see Puzhen Life Co Ltd is a supplier of Aroma Diffusers to doTerra and Young Living.
The Young Living diffuser was harder to identify but as there is a reference number #38422 we assume as a part number, it will coincidently show the Duet Diffuser.

The Young Living Duet Diffuser and doTerra Petal Diffuser.

Plant Therapy Diffuser Terrafuse

In our search for high-quality, affordable diffusers, we found that Puzhen is the preferred manufacturer of ceramic-based options. Other affordable alternatives are available from three different companies.

Future Search related to Essential Oils

doTerra Essential Oil

Young Living Essential Oil

Plant Therapy Essential Oil

Conclusion: No More Trade Shows = Reliable Suppliers

We primarily carry out our procurement using this method, eliminating the need for attending trade shows and lengthy quotations as suppliers try to find other suppliers to supply particular raw materials.

Communication is done via WhatsApp and Emails.

We wrap up most transactions and negotiations for essential oils, raw materials, diffusers and devices 2 – 3 weeks.

As grow larger, the accuracy of data in the realm of Big Data increases. The accessibility and transparency of information enable SMEs to make informed decisions and collaborate with top-notch suppliers.

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