Clove Essential Oil 10mL

Eugenia caryophyllata, also known as clove, is a plant from the family Myrtaceae. It is a tree that can grow up to 21 meters tall, with a bushy conical crown. Its leaves are pink when young, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, and about 10×5 cm. It has a fresh, powerful, lemon-like scent and is higher in Citronellal and Citronellol than the Ceylon or Nardus variety.

✅100% Pure Clove Essential Oil
✅ Single Origin
✅ 100% Natural
❌ Dilution
❌ Mixture

Food Grade

Estimated Yield (1mL)

5-7kg of Clove bud to make 1mL of Essential Oil.
~ xx millions of Clove bud❗

Clove Essential Oil (Indonesia) – Food Grade 10mL