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Essential Oils Direct from Factory


Our Factory Story

We are frustrated with lack luster products sold to consumers. With our 30+ Years experience as a factory we offer the best available:

  1. Essential Oils 
  2. Personal Care
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Supplements

It’s represents Exceptional Quality, reliable & effective products @ affordable price


Exceptional Essential Oils

  • Best Suppliers in the World
  • Transparent Clear Concise Labelling.
  • Products are put through real world testing, created to surpass customers expectations
  • Thorough Test & Validations beyond the suppliers. 18+ Declarations & Conformations
  • 30+ Years Experience πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Formulation & 🏭 Manufacturing 

Proprietary testing to validate and ensuring exceptional quality every-time.

Conducted by our Full-Time Board Certified Chemist (IKM) Under Chemists Act 1975 Malaysia.


its Essential Oils

Sourced from the Best Suppliers available Globally.

Bulgarian Rose Essential oil

Consistency in every drop…guaranteed!

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its Personal Care

Exceptional Moisturizing & Cleaning. Shampoo, Conditioners, Shower Gel & Handwash
No Frustration Packaging @ RM9.90! (850mL – 1L)

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Only The Best
Essential Oils

Over 18+ Certification, upto Food Grade*.
Sourced globally from 26 countries.

100% Pure & Natural
100% Premium
100% Theraputic Grade
Globally Sourced

Halal and Single-Origin.

ISO Standards we Follow & Audited

ISO22000, ISO13485, ISO9235, ISO16128

HOW we get the best?