Exceptional Quality.

30+ years of experience in research and manufacturing at Furley Bioextracts Sdn Bhd for global brands, we have learned that quality comes through expertise, an exceptional team, unmatched sourcing and a dedication to science.

Our obsession with quality has led to a proven record of excellence that our customers can depend on.

❤️ Chemistry 🧪

Its Quality

Its 360, FARM 2 HOME

It all starts from the source, to maintain the quality up to when it reaches your home is what It’s is able to do. This is due to our teams 30+ years experience in Research & Development and Manufacturing.

Incorporating the latest sensors and manufacturing processes we ensure the highest quality of raw materials are used in a high quality manufacturing environment.

The end result are Exceptional products which we love and will use in our own home.

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Sorucing Procurement

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Organoleptic
  • Chemistry
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Synthetic Testing (Chiral)
  • Stability Study
  • Rancidity Testing

Incoming to Factory

  • Heavy Metal and Microbial Testing
  • Its Standard Testing
  • Pesticides


  • Consistent Weight
  • Nitrogen Purging (If applicable)
  • Metal Detector
  • Batch Control


  • Environmental
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Its Test Validation


RM1 Million Insurance - Product LIABILITY

Buying directly from Furley Bioextracts, you covered by a product liability insurance of up to RM1,000,000.

Underwritten by Great Eastern Malaysia.

We apply the same policy to numerous renowned brands that are manufactured with us.

In Malaysia, the subject of counterfeit essential oils and unregistered personal care products should not be overlooked. Counterfeit items are making their way into the market, often with temptingly low prices. Some of these counterfeit products may contain harmful ingredients or higher concentrations of active ingredients, posing potential risks to health. It is crucial for consumers to consult their trusted suppliers to ensure that their essential oils and personal care products are legitimate and certified by a IKM Registered Chemist.

We Are


Temperature Monitoring 24/7

It’s with the use of Internet of Things (IOT) and advanced testing we can achieve Exceptional Quality without increasing costs. 

Complete temperature control of our raw materials before bottling ensures the quality of our raw materials is passed onto our users.

Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry are crucial but time-intensive testing methods. While maintaining the quality, shortening the turnaround time to ship products to customers is crucial. We created a proprietary validation method to ensure the exceptional quality we promise is validated in a fraction of the time.

Using a mix of modern techniques in chromatography, UV-VIS and peroxide values. We correlate these values to the chromatograms provided to us by our 3rd party independent labs.

Ensuring “Exceptional Quality” in every product.

Our Essential Oils, our products have 18+ declarations and statements, up to Food Grade.

  1. MSDS ✅
  2. Specification ✅
  3. Kosher* (Outside Malaysia) ✅
  4. Halal* (Outside Malaysia) ✅
  5. Fragrance Product Information Form (PIF) ✅
  6. International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Conformity ✅
  7. Flavour Product Information Form (PIF) ✅
  8. Allergen Certification ✅
  9. Food Grade* ✅
  10. Natural ISO9235 ✅
  11. Natural ISO16128 ✅
  12. Natural US ✅
  13. GMO – ✅ Free
  14. Palm Oil – ✅ Free
  15. Vegan ✅
  16. Animal Testing – ✅ Free
  17. Pesticides – ✅ Compliance
  18. Heavy Metals – ✅ Compliance 

*, statement and declaration may not be applicable or available.