The story behind

We started in 2005, as a ingredient seller and manufacturer. With an undying passion for quality ingredients and products.

Today with the guidance of Ts. Chem. Kelvin Soo, he has brought this passion for quality to a fine science. Growing up in New Zealand for 23 years and completing his Masters in Chemistry there, a country famed for quality he brought all that knowledge back to Furley. 

After evaluating numerous suppliers in Malaysia for Essential Oils, and functional ingredients it was shocking to learn that suppliers were selling adulterated, fake, low quality raw materials which in some instances are dangerous to health. 

It has taken 3 years to compile the best suppliers from around the World to be-able to launch “Its” with a vision of products which have.

Exceptional Quality. Affordable Price.

Kelvin’s love for chemistry has yielded him a PhD candidacy in Chemical Engineering and is currently a Board Certified Chemist (IKM) and Technologist. 

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