At Furley Bioextracts, we value the protection of our customers’ data. We understand that the information we collect from our customers is used to deliver targeted, personalized services to them and it’s important that they feel secure in sharing it with us. This privacy policy outlines how we use customer data for remarketing purposes. We use remarketing to display ads on third-party websites to previous visitors who have interacted with our website or products. This allows us to deliver more relevant content and advertisements tailored to individual customer interests. To do this, we record customer interactions, including information such as IP address and device type, when a user visits our website or interacts with our products. We then use this information to target ads using third-party platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. We only share anonymous, non-identifiable data with these third parties in order to display ads and analyze effectiveness within their respective platforms. We also give users the opportunity to opt out of remarketing altogether by disabling tracking cookies within their browser settings on their own browsers. Furthermore, customers can adjust their preferences related to remarketing through their account settings on each platform (i.e Google AdSettings). By taking advantage of these features, users can control the types of advertisements they see from us across all devices and websites. We understand the importance of protecting personal data and complying with the requirements of the laws of Malaysia and at times may update our policy as needed.