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Expertise Direct from Factory

Furley Bioextracts our parent company is a Manufacturer of over 30+ Years, with experience in Research, Development, Manufacturing of Food, Supplement, Cosmetic, Traditional, Medical Devices, household products and product distribution to some of the biggest brands in the World. 

Rising Cost & Inflation

After COVID, globally the costs of living has increased tremendously, products are getting more expensive ever before records well beyond the reach of most people. We wanted to do something about this harnessing on our vast experience We envisioned “It’s” as a range of our top products which are more affordable to everyone.

Trimming the Margins 

Simply by Selling Direct to Consumers. Cutting out the Middle Man.
Including retailers, distributors and agents.

Exceptional Quality, Affordable Price

This is achieved by removing the middle man easily reducing selling prices by 30% – 50% LOWER without compromising on the quality, safety and efficacy of the products.

All this while adhering to our Sustainability Initiatives to reduce environmental waste, increase accessibility of our products to our customers and helping people fulfill-lifes. 

Fulfilling Life

Products made with the future in mind, without breaking the bank and reducing waste. We hope our packaging to be 90% recyclable packaging by 2025.

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Exceptional Value

This is done by removing the retailers from the equation you are purchasing direct from a factory and thus saving without compromises to your family. 

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